About Crystal Canney

I grew up in Bradford, Maine a small town about 20 miles northwest of Bangor. My parents were public school teachers and we moved to Old Town where they both taught when I entered high school. I know what it’s like first hand to watch people struggle to make ends meet and for parents to want something better for their children.  My parents taught English and math during the school year and worked second jobs in the summer. My grandparents were loggers and bakery delivery drivers.

My maternal grandmother was an important force in my life and my daughter is named after her. Every day I watched as a woman with limited access to education went to work at a shoe factory, only to return home to cook dinner and ask me how my day went. She was one of the hardest working, kindest people I have ever known and she instilled a work ethic which I have never forgotten. Her job at the shoe factory like so many others was eventually shipped offshore.

The lessons I learned early in life are something I have carried with me – hard work, determination, persistence, compassion, and self-sufficiency. I have been married for 25 years and our daughter is in her final year of college. We have called District 27 in Portland our home for the last 20 years.